Thursday, February 15, 2007

Saint Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day readers!

Don't know about you guys and gals, but I absolutely adore flowers! I have so many flowery hair accessories (think chic not tacky--we know how the wrong type makes one look like a Chinese matchmaker) that I have lost count.

But flowers on V-Day? Especially a big bouquet? Nah, too expensive. I feel that most gals would prefer a pretty little gemstone necklace of the same value than to receive a bouquet of blooms that will wilt in right about 3 days' time.

But if one can have her cake and eat it too, I'll say, bring the gifts and flowers on!

No philosophy about love or the lack thereof today. On this topic I am least qualified to have an opinion. Before I launch into a tirade of self admonition of the brat I am, cheers to all happy lovers and friends!

Signing off,

P/S Blogger officially sucks. Comments and posts take the longest time to display and refresh themselves.

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anyway~ happy friendship day~

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