Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dim Sum Dolly

I don’t get to eat dim sum (点心) much when I am in Singapore. Blame it on the lack of opportunity. Blame it on the lack of proximity to a good Dim Sum Restaurant. There is a certain sense of well being when one can take the morning off to indulge in some fine Chinese pastries and drink tea leisurely (饮茶). This is somewhat of a luxury to most of us. And even Sunday mornings are not at my disposal to spend on treats like these.

So, imagine my elation when I actually get to eat Dim Sum over here! Now, this makes it seem almost like a holiday! There’s nothing like a little happiness to get us through the motions of the day.

This Cantonese style teahouse/ restaurant is called Mei Mei Tea + Restaurant (美美港式茶餐厅). It serves a range of dishes from teatime snacks, to roasted meat (烧腊) to shark fin and abalone. I am there only for the Dim Sum.

Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell some delicious Dim Sum.

Chrysanthemum tea. (菊花茶)They soaked the flowers with wolfberries.

This is fish congee/ porridge. (鱼粥) A true blue Dim Sum experience usually includes Century Egg Porridge with mince pork. But I don’t take the black preserved egg, so they go uneaten in the bowl. Now, this is a better option for me. Lots of ground pepper, please!

Carrot cake (萝卜糕), Steamed Leek and Shrimp Dumpling (鲜虾韭菜蒸饺)
Egg Tart—My personal favourite! (蛋挞) and Roasted Meat Pastry (叉烧酥)

The famed meat dumplings (小笼包)

And this dish—not part of the Dim Sum menu, but a snack nevertheless…looks yummy.
Do you know what it is?

It’s fried tomato slices in tempura batter topped with mayonnaise. Strange but taste pretty good.

So, I have made Mei Mei Tea + Restaurant a personal recommendation. The décor is fine with comfy huge sofas. If you sit by the window, you can see the lake of 金鸡湖, there’s soft music playing in the background and the service is comparatively good.
Last but not least, it passed my washroom test. Clean, dry, automatic taps and soap dispensers and a motion activated paper towel machine. All done in style and obviously, very hygienic.


Definition of Dim Sum:
A selection of small dishes served for snacks and lunch in China. These dishes include a wide selection of fried and steamed dumplings, as well as, various other sweet and savory items. The term for this Chinese style of eating translates as "Heart's Delight." Originally dim sum referred to the Cantonese practice of serving small dishes in the teahouses. The method involved food being brought to the table on a cart or tray. The customer would then select the items they desired. Now, we just order off the menu in some restaurants.

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