Monday, February 26, 2007

Eat Drink Man Woman

I was craving for Western food during my stay in Suzhou so we went to several places to satisfy my taste buds.

Water Paradise Coffee House:
My personal favourite place to have Western fare
Pretty on the outside:
Nice on the inside:
But this restaurant has to pass the food test.

Nice garlic bread. It’s crispy and flavourful.
Gigantic Onion Rings. Makes me wonder how big the onion is.

Grilled Dory Fish in Herb Sauce.
Fish and Chips. Nicely done too.
The main courses cost an average of 30 RMB, which is like 6 SGD. I like the price. It’s food court rates for restaurant dining. Can you beat that?

Egg and Ham Sandwiches.
Bacon Sandwiches.
My Essential Cuppa. They named this concotion Roman Holiday. Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.

The generous ice-cream serving. Actually, it’s the price of a main course. Ah, oh well.

Pizza Hut:
It’s cheaper here, for the universal offerings on the menu.
Pizza Hut is so popular we need to queue in the freezing weather outside. It must have been sheer craziness…but I was more in need of a respectable pizza than was I in need of warmth.

The mediocre garlic bread. Compare them to Water Paradise’s garlic bread. Shame on you, Pizza Hut. And you ripped us off, didn’t you?

Spaghetti Bolognese: (bloody expensive--$7 SGD for this 'feed the chickadee' portion)

Water’s fine though. There’s no weird sewage taste in this one. Usually, if it comes from the tap, even when boiled, the water tastes like shit. Drinking water here means stocking up on bottled water.
Chicken Wings. They look mild, but, whoa are they spicy!

Didn’t take photos with the pizza. Just gobbled it down like a glutton when the pan touched down on my table.
Nightlife of Suzhou at 观前街:
It's KTV galore land over here (the hip, the sleazy, the clean family entertainment joint--take your pick) :
The bicycles:
Chestnuts roasting by the roadside stall:

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Blogger crazychick said...

Ivy you evil woman!! i saw your food pics before breakfast and it sent my tummy into a chemical-churn overdrive! LOL! now i'm craving for onion rings and chicken wings! The sandwiches look good too!

the pizza hut there looks classier than the ones here! the spaghetti looks nice (i love bolognese!)!

Are you back in SG already? :D

8:21 AM  

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