Sunday, November 11, 2007

Coaching Session on Self Discipline

Thank you for your opinion gals. I will bear that in mind on my next trip to United States/ somewhere that sells Coach bags at a cheaper price.
Alas, I did not buy any. Why? You may exclaim. Ah well, a combination of reasons. Firstly, like Xinyi, I have been trying to make a conscious effort on my part to stop purchasing Monogrammed stuff. I would like unstated chic that doesn't make me an advertising reinforcement for my counterparts. --This is really hard to do, but I will try.
Next, I decided that the patchwork series, though unique, may look dated after some time. Just as I had settled my heart on this medium Carly Signature bag, the shop assistant told me that they do not carry the Brown strap models in their store. So, there. I walked away with only purchases for Nana and Esther. I am so proud of the self discipline I displayed in resisting this temptation.
My sole satisfaction? Your joy upon receiving your bags. It made the effort of lugging them back in pretty gift boxes worthwhile!
Hugs & Kisses,



Blogger crazychick said...

You're such an angel Ivy! So sweet of you to carry those bags + giftboxes back! :)

awwww... you deserve a medal for resisting the temptation! hahaha!! we all know how hard it is to resist shopping!! :D

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Lani said...

hmm.... is our dear Ivy falling in love with her prince charming? :p

1:48 PM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Yep, but apparently I shop all my days...which is actually bad. There's never an occasion for me to go shopping because somehow or rather, it may well be a daily activity. Ivy's pretty terrible on this account.

Lani, haha, but nope. Falling in love is somewhat less likely at year end close.
Prince Charming is only in Enchanted. ;-) Have you watched the movie? McDreamy!!!

10:32 AM  

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