Friday, November 02, 2007

Random Thoughts

Inspired by Jenn to pen one of my own.

1. What the F@*K am I doing up so late when I need to be up by 7am later?
2. I need to book my massage session instead of just thinking about it.
3. Contrary to popular belief, traveling is no fun. Not to the US when the main agenda is a far cry from fun.
4. I seriously think I am burnt out—I hope it’s psychological and I can sleep it away during the flight.
5. One part of me envies gals who get good apparel bargains—but I simply spend my moolah on higher end, better quality stuff unconsciously. Shucks.
6. I want real office space, a private room. Not cubicles, even though they may be spacious and all.
7. There are packages for dearies like Jenn & Vivien waiting to be post out but they’re still lying around, because they lack my personal letter. Grief. I need a kick in the butt.
8. How come I haven’t bought an MP3/4 player? Still deliberating over Sony, Samsung or Apple.
9. Who’s going to the money changer to get my Aussie dollar?
10. Christmas sets will be launched by the dozen. Resistance is futile. But overstocking is bad.



Blogger crazychick said...

Dear girl, you really need to get some rest!! i know you're busy preparing for the trip now but yah, catching up on some sleep during the flight sounds like a good idea :)

i totally understand it when you say travelling is no fun!! i hate travelling time, and when the destination / purpose of travelling does not justify the looong journey, its such a drag even to think about it!! do take care girl when travelling!! :)

ahaha.. i do envy girlies like Vivien who seem to get the best bargains around! :D you know, i'm seriously guilty of thinking to change my whole wardrobe into a GAP one (ok, just thinking, but it's a step nearer towards the scary ending). i think my boyfriend will faint if he ever finds out! hahaha! :P:P

ahahahaha... no worries about the packages. take your time ler!! ;)
(saying that because i'm guilty of it also!! ahahaha :P:P:P)

me too!! i've put off buying an MP3 player for the longest time ever because i don't see a need for it. Hmmm, between those 3 brands, apple is the most asthetically pleasing one (also the most expensive one ;) ). i'd probably go with Sony though, cheap and good. but thats just me :D which one do you like most? :D

you going to AU for holiday? :D:D

it's true. the MAC christmas collection launched here yesterday, and i'm dying to check it out. sooner or later all brands will be displaying their christmas stuff!! This year stila will have the gift of glaze set again, but the colors are not as nice as last years so i'll be giving them a miss :( i pray that i can keep to my shopping list!! like you i'm a hopeless stockist too!! ahahaha!!

btw, i would like to thank you sooo much for giving me the Biotherm samples!! the Aquasource cream is agreeing with my skin so well that even my bf and colleagues notice it!!! will be buying a full jar soon! this is definitely an excellent replacement for the Lancome night cream that i was thinking about (at half the price too!!) Love you to bits girl!! :)

take care ya!! and have a safe trip to and fro! ;)

ps: time to put up your christmas wishlist! ;)

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