Friday, August 18, 2006

Yang Mi-Kyeong in Singapore

Lady Han in Jewel in the Palace
NUS Extension received Miss Yang Mi-Kyeong (양미경) –Lady Han of Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum) yesterday during her visit to Singapore. Our Korean class sat in for the short session and there was a brief interaction between the students and the Korean star. Sean was mesmerized and gushed about her beauty. I definitely agree. The dress she wore was awfully pretty too.
Seriously, I have to admit that I am no celebrity fanatic. However, when you meet someone whose beauty awes you, it’s often not so much the physical attributes that enthrall you, but the person’s demeanour and the aura that draws you to her.
A beautiful person carries herself with grace, radiates her goodness and touches people with her presence. Miss Mi-Kyeong is one such person.
However, there is no fixed criterion to judge beauty. Apart from the aforementioned traits, I feel that anyone who is passionate about what she does and has a kind heart is truly a beautiful being.

Snapshots of Miss Yang Mi-kyeong:

A warm reception

Miss Yang Mi-Kyeong (Interacting with students)

Q & A Session

A smiling Miss Mi-Kyeong (darn the lighting!)

Group/ Personal Photos (for my classmates):

Korean Level 3 Class Photo (not everyone's in it)

Some of the gals (while waiting for the session to start)

Teacher Min Jae and I (she's the most infectious and bubbly instructor ever!)


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Oh, and i love Korean Drama! You are studying korean?!?!? cool... i am going to learn Jap soon...

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