Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Furry Aspirations

I woke up with a startled in the wee hours of the morning. Was roused from my sleep by the most bizarre dream that I had.
Apparently, in my dreams, I was in the thick of a ‘Teddy Bear’ demonstration.
All the cutest teddy bears were holding up placards and walking around protesting for their rights. They didn’t look angry nor did they make a din. However, they exhibited collective action to request for more freedom and lots of care and concern. From whom? I wandered around staring into all of their faces, thinking to myself how cute they look—even when they are seriously fighting their cause. (they all look like those super expensive, limited collection, hand-stitched teddies from high-end boutiques--which I can't afford)
That’s when I suddenly opened my eyes and immediately thought to myself, “What the heck was that?”
I pondered about the possible reasons why I dreamt of this really weird stuff. Maybe I haven’t giving my furry friends much attention. No hugs and kisses, no cuddling. No heart to heart talks. They must be ‘upset’ by my neglect.
Still, I think I have so many bears and stuff toys on my bed that I kick them to the floor sometimes. They must be articulating their displeasure.
Hm… Then, I drifted off to slumberland again.

Three's a crowd--yea, I buy all my huggies clothes. [from left: Jerry the snowman, Tommy the polar bear, Emmanuel my fave bear]

Daily Trivia:
We only remember certain dreams and sleep scientists estimate that we forget about 95 to 99% of our dreams. We forget our dreams quickly because we're not really "awake" when we dream -- our brains aren't functioning at their highest level. The ones we remember usually occur just before we wake up, or have some special significance in our daily life.


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