Friday, July 28, 2006

Low Brow American Humour

I simply do not understand why people will laugh at falling/ tumbling/ tripping humans in action.

An informal count of the videos presented on American Funniest Home Videos will list at least 50% of the footages to be under the ‘Unfortunate Accidents Caught on Film’ category.

The irony of it all is that audiences seemed to get a kick out of watching cyclists flipping their bikes over, planes crashing into fields, ungraceful parachutists landing into treetops, folks walking into objects, dancing couples swinging out of control.

Beneath the hilarity of it all, the bottom line is that, ‘It could have been fatal’. The cyclist could have crushed his spine and ended up paralyzed waist down, the pilot could have died, the parachutist may become impotent for life, folks could have suffered concussions and the dancing couple may well have twisted ankles and sprained backs.

I don’t see the joke to these stupid entries. It’s like bursting into laughter when an old lady tripped while getting up the bus. Would you have done that?

I would rather stomach Jacky Wu’s toilet humour, Stephen Chow’s slapstick antics and my very own 超级冷笑话 anytime.


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