Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Fluff

This is an MV of one of my favourite singers, Angela Chang Shao Han. Her voice is lovely, because in an industry of manufactured bubblegum pop, it stands out as being distinctive and strong.
Many singers have run-of-the-mill voices. They are just for ogling at. Great packaging, interesting wardrobes and cutesy dance moves. (Ask them to sing any ol' song and we won't be able to match that voice to the singer)
But Angela Chang is for listening to and watching. She looks like Zhou Xun, the Chinese actress in‘Perhaps Love’-a bit weird but definitely nice.
This is the song I like most from her latest album Pandora. It's called 'Sky in my pocket', but more accurately, “口袋的天空”。 I only discovered this song after buying the album, because on a rare occasion when I listened to the radio, they were playing “潘朵拉”. That song got on my nerves but once I figured it's Angela Chang singing, I decided to give it a chance. Hahaha—talk about biasness.

Angela Chang 口袋的天空

(I will leave discussing Youtube some other day, and still put this MV on my blog...)


Blogger snow angel said...

Angela's strength is in her singing, more than her acting.

Ironically, she first entered the entertainment scene through acting and her first serial was MVP Valentine.

9:24 PM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

That's true. She's better off singing.
I remembered she looks really funny with frizzy orange hair and humongous eyes in MVP. But I guess she did ok in that lah, cos, it's afterall an '偶像剧'.
I think the young stars in undubbed serials from Taiwan speak with a very unique '台' accent. Don't you think? =)
By the way, did you watch 'Bump off Aisha'? Is it good?

10:44 PM  
Blogger snow angel said...

Hi, I din watch "Bump off Aisha" but it was the most recent serial that angela was in.

I'm currently watching "Wei Xiao Pasta".

Not really sure about "Taiwanese" accent in Taiwan Idol series, cos I can't tell the difference and it sounds similar to Singapore Chinese. Maybe in those dialect shows in Taiwan the accent may be more prominent

12:22 AM  

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