Tuesday, July 04, 2006

School Bullies

"The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out." Chinese Proverb.

With the advent of camera-video phones, recording one's daily activities has become a really easy and convenient thing. First, we have our exhibitionistic “Tammys”. Now, school yard bullying has also made its way onto the memory of phones, to be disseminated for viewing pleasure.

The scary thing is when bullying is carried out by a group. The mob mentality is enough to kill a person in the heat of the moment. Notice (in the video below) that the girls become incoherent and bent on whacking the victim just for the ‘effect’ after repeated hits.
Although I don’t really know what culminated in the attack, it’s definitely a terrible incident to witness.
At first, I thought it would be best for the girl to run away. Yet, it may turn the ‘cats’ into ‘dogs’ to hunt and tear her into pieces. Definitely, one shouldn’t put herself in danger by being alone with these bullies. Then again, we don’t know who she landed there in the first place.
The girls featured are from Miri (Malaysia). You can search for those ‘Made in Singapore’ too. But it’s awful, alright? I hope nobody enjoys watching these sadistic videos.

Strange. Even though I was small-sized, I never got bullied in school. Or perhaps, the schools I attended are one level above these crass institutions. The students there employ a worse form of bullying: that of psychological torture-by alienating and ostracizing the victims.

Video in Question:
Note: The video posted has been taken down as stated previously. Why? I dislike anything to do with unwarranted violence. So, I do not want to carry this video on my blog site for too long. For a parody on this issue of schoolyard bullies, check out www.kennysia.com


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