Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wishing for Rain

Summer has arrived. Singapore? Yes, even though we are a tropical island devoid of four distinct seasons, yet, there are subtle changes that mark the coming and passing of seasons.

It has been so hot all week. And dry. Not a hint of rain to soothe tempered souls. And sometimes, the searing heat does get to me. It seems to burn my skin from within and makes me feel rather uncomfortable. Still, it’s not warm enough to make me perspire. Nevertheless, it’s enough to cause my temperature to rise by a fraction of a degree at least. Argh…Wish a thunderstorm would be brewing soon. And the skies release the much needed rain—to wash away the oppressive heat and clear the air to make it crisp and fresh once again.

MTV: 'Flood' by Jars of Clay
Jars Of Clay - Flood (original)

One of my favourite songs from the group "Jars of Clay". This song is called 'Flood'. Hoping for rain still...


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