Friday, July 21, 2006

If it doesn’t make my heart sing, and my soul dance…then it sure doesn’t work for me

I received a call today, from a rather high profile agency. I was offered a job in one of their departments. Well, almost. It’s left with the loose ends to tie and confirm. But instead of feeling like I have won a prize, I felt empty and mournful.
Call it gut feeling…
People would say, “That’s great! WOW!” But sometimes, I know how the story will progress after the narrator begins “Once upon a time…” And in this instance, it’s a case of knotted sickness in my stomach.
I know the trap-embellished with fake jewels and laced with pretty confetti. If I fall in too readily, I will crawl out of this manhole 2 years later, mirthless, older, worm-like and without my blue ribbon.
I thought about it for a day and a chanced encounter with someone in the know today confirmed my suspicion. Don’t fall for this bait.
Alright, it’s settled then. I am not biting.
It’s better to hold out for something that makes me jump out of my bed eagerly each morning and face the brand new day with spring in my step. Idealistic? No. Cos, there is a good percentage of individuals out there who love what they are doing. Simply put, I want to be in that number.


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