Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Of Bugs and Toothy Grins

I am having flu…yet again. Despite all the vitamin tablets, the bug still found its solace in my hospitable body. Crap.
Blowing Nose
So, I have been sneezing the entire day, feeding on Febs every 4 hours and using boxes of tissues. Anyway, with or without influenza, I am still the tissue queen. My mom suggests I marry some manufacturer of the paper handkerchief, so that I am guaranteed a lifetime supply. Duhz…I do admit that I kill a lot of trees. They haunt me in my sleep. =P
So, it’s a rather gloomy day. With the sniffles, the rain, the home alone and still need-to-do work circumstance.
That’s when I suddenly remember that many people think I should smile more. Like, why do I look so gloomy, serious, aloof…dao 1 most of the time? Hm...? It surprises me. I thought I am the corniest sheaf in the corn field.
Food Fight
However, when I browsed through my photo albums I realized that I really don’t smile a lot in photographs.
Why? I don’t know. Not a natural in front of the camera lah.
And will not smile without a reason.
Realized that smiley pictures of me are taken ONLY when I am truly happy.
Unquestionably happy.
Like when?
Some samples: When I toured Melbourne/ Great Ocean Drive a long time ago. Had a wonderful time. Beautiful place. The wanderlust in me is awakened again…Sigh. When is my next trip?

I love posing with the gang from Looney Tunes! Melbourne-Crown Towers Warner Bros shop

Big smile! Didn't buy anything from this shop though...phototaking is free!! Snap away!!!

I LOVE wildflowers...

Ignorance is bliss. Posing happily with the anchor at Apollo Bay...oblivious to the tour guide fuming behind me (look behind the tree)...Yea, we're latest nincompoops to board the bus.

Great Ocean Drive-and now there are 11 apostles... the 12th one crumbled into fragments in 2005.

I paid 100 SGD for 15 minutes on this helicopter. Why am I still grinning idiotically? Why? The answer is...

My fantabulous bird's eye view of the ocean, rocks and the coastline

The blue planet!

Of precipitous cliffs

And magnificent swells

Sculptures of the forces of nature

Money well spent. And beauty captured...

So there you have it! I smile becos I am H-A-P-P-Y, and not for the sake of boosting my likeabilty index.

By the way, when you DO catch Ivy smiling at you, you know she's genuinely pleased to see you. ;-) Cheers!


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