Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bilis and Kaemi this is not, a little fall of rain lift my spirits quite a lot

The sky has been flashing ominous streaks of silent lightning since 4a.m. but all seems quiet and calm. In fact, the air is stagnant and heavy.
It’s only now that the sky has yielded unwillingly and breathes the first rumbles of thunder. The landscape outside is washed with a hint of persimmon orange hue and the slight breeze hints of impending rain.
Morning showers are nice, especially when I don’t have to be caught in the storm and be drenched. Sleeping in is a good option. What a lazy way to start the day. By snuggling contentedly in my bed!
The pitter pattering of raindrops on the windows appear to second the suggestion. Taking forty winks always seem like a good idea.


Nice Breezy Tune--Emil Chau's forte (singing feel good songs like this)


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