Monday, July 24, 2006

The hare, tortoise, caterpillar and the snail...

Went for an evening jog to clear my head this evening. As usual, my pacing was a leisurely 2 1/2 min per round and I dutifully ran 6 rounds to make it a 2.4km run. Like that how to run a 5 km marathon in 20 min? Aiyoh. Must train before taking part in these events.

While I was running (running is a bit boring), I remembered a joke I heard from somewhere:
It goes like this: (practice my Chinese)

有一只乌龟和白兔赛跑, 白兔当然一下子就远远的超越乌龟。


Anyway, this joke is actually rather meaningful. It means, nothing is absolute in this world. And many times, it’s all about relativity. The tortoise is slow compared to the hare, but a fast walker in the eyes of the caterpillar and snail.

Whatever it is, I felt refreshed after the run, but am nursing a bad headache as I pen this entry now. Sigh. Going in search of Panadols soon.

P/S It's been a while since I type paragraphs using Chinese, if anyone spot any mistakes, tell me so that I can improve. =)


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