Monday, July 31, 2006

Hit me with your best shot, not best slew of #@$%&*

The Sunday Times featured bloggers galore in its Lifestyle section today and stated that in the Age of Narcissim, people blog to be read and then famous. Really? Hm… In the course of teaching New Media Communications, blogging is a rather recent phenomenon that has been discussed to death. Some students, in exasperation, explained emphatically that they simply want to keep a diary forever and cyberspace allows them to do so.

I think there's really nothing much to analyse in terms of the motivations behind blogging. In fact, the rise of corporate blogging may serve up more excitement as a discussion topic.

I don’t really care what drives people to blog. Afterall, it’s personal, right? Celebrity wannabes, shameless exhibitionists, intelligent political analysts, noble philosophers can have their own virtual space to achieve anything they desire in blogosphere.

One thing’s for sure: To increase readership, delete more words, load more pictures, serve up provocative pictures (with nudity thrown in) and your blog is on its way to 1 million and more hits per day. After all, free porn is good stuff. Objectionable content? Yea right, who’s complaining?

The only blogs that irk me are those which contain expletives in almost every paragraph. I am alright with ‘shit, crap, bastards, bitch,….’ and Hokkien words like ‘wah lau, wah lan, what else?’ peppering one’s personal writing and speech. But when the public blog’s content is marinated in ‘Fuck, fuck and more fuck’ I start to see red.

What’s the fuss since this F word has evolved from being an unacceptable obscenity to a modern word complete with its accompanying prepositions? Run a check and you can find many phrasal verbs like “fuck off, fuck over, fuck up”. What’s the fuss, Ivy Yeo?

Cos, Ivy’s a prude. Her ears will rot upon contact with this acidic 4 letter word.

But more importantly, people who use this word with relish have questionable psychological states. Call it emotional purging, say it’s harmless. I respect freedom of speech, so who I am to rinse your motor mouths with Dettol? Yea, just don’t use it on me and you are fine.

Overheard: A Primary 2 boy called his classmate 'an ignominious mutt'. Looks like it's high time for the 'foul mouths' to increase their vocabulary bank.

In my opinion:
1. People who use ‘Fuck’ indiscriminately and ever so often should just DO THE ACTUAL DEED to rid themselves of their angst.

2. Girls who say “Fuck’ all the time, to everyone, should just SCREW THEMSELVES with the most hardworking vibrator available.

3. Guys who say ‘Fuck’ to other guys should just SODOMISE their gay partners.

4. Guys who use ‘Fuck’ on girls are the worst of the lot. They should just go FUCK THEIR OWN MOTHERS. (since they don't respect women, they should start with the most impt one)

Enough said, this is an electrically charged and downright dirty entry. Because I abhor the use of this particular word. Will be the first and last time I type ‘Fuck’ on my blog. I sincerely apologise to my refine and sweet readers.


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