Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Little Sunny Island!

I belong to the generation of children who can memorise all the national sing-along tunes at the back of my hand. Lyrics of songs like “We are Singapore” are etched into the deepest recesses of my mind that I truly believe, 50 years down the road, I can still belt it out with gusto, no refresher course required.

It goes to show what great foresight our leaders had in indoctrinating, (er, oops), giving us pre-school education which apart from busying the kids with colouring and play-doh sessions, dispenses out candy filled little flags on special occasions like these. How we love getting these goodies. Round pretty colourful chocolates that line the barrel of a miniature version of our country’s flag. Oh how fun it was to wave and listen to the candies jiggling in the tube. Percussion music at its sweetest!

In preparation for the pre-school celebration on the eve of National Day, the children were taught the lyrics of these melodies. And it’s really easy for young minds to remember things—especially when you add a tune to the words. The ‘damage’ done is irreversible. =)

Partly due to the nation building messages in these songs, I learnt in my later years to better appreciate the efforts our government has put in during the post-independence years to build a nation so peaceful and secure for all her citizens. Oh, do you sense patriotism in this blog entry? =)

That said, I affirm that Singapore has entered a GOLDEN era in terms of leadership renewal. The children brought up in the 80s—those who were taught to understand the importance of racial harmony; recognize the sweat, toil and brilliance of our leaders and esteem the importance of sound governance. Children who can still remember the lyrics of the national sing-along tunes before they were corrupted by popular music. These children are ready now to lead the country and take it to greater heights. Of course, the million dollar question still remains: How high is the sky for these children to fly, to reach the highest echelons of the Cabinet, especially when they do not have words like PSC in their resume?

I’ll stop before I end up like a Miss. Brown-ie who attracts MICA (Millions of Intelligent Cute Ants). So, here's a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved country! Stay sunny! (*cheers bimbotically--yea*)

On a very very sad note: My laptop DIED on me. It doesn't even respond when I press the 'ON' button. HOW? (*tears flowing like rivers down cheeks*) Prepare for burial or ask the bomoh to revive it? Sob... I am broke. Cyber begging may be the way to go...


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