Saturday, August 05, 2006

i. robot

Modeling is a tough profession.

It’s tough mainly because it’s one of the most boring jobs you can ever have. Why do so many top models fall from grace, snort cocaine and get anorexic?
Mainly because they engage in the 3Ps all the time. Paint, pose and party.

Paint—boring! You sit around, opening your eyes, shutting them while the make-up artists put on layers of gunk of your face.
Pose—put on clothes, then do what the photographer and stylist tell you to do. Tilt your head, smile, act cool, put your hand here, and put your leg there.
Party—you get invites to places, mainly because they want the event to be bustling with people (good looking ones too). You network and try to get more assignments then.

If you wire your brain up, the only time the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine detects signs of brain activity would in the last mode—Party. That’s before the free flow of booze and bubbly reduces one to an incoherent mess.

I went through Paint and Pose today. And it almost killed me. First, after phase 1, I cannot even recognize myself anymore. What the heck? Who’s the monster looking back at me in the mirror? Sian…Then, I started sulking…

Next, I turned out to be robot when I entered phase 2. And a stupid one too.

Unfortunately, I am not a real model, so I was ‘spared’ the last phase. But, that might have been the best stage of the 3, won’t it?

Things I have learnt today:
1) Modeling is a tough profession. [Then again, I can never qualify]
2) I DO NOT like to wear heavy make-up. I think I look worse…Yucks, pui!
3) I prefer my natural straight hair.
4) Being natural makes one prettier.
5) I am a robot when it comes to posing. And posing is tiring. Hate photo-taking.

So there, this website will never become a photo-oriented blog.

Here are some photos after I wipe off most of the eyeliner:

Yea, they curled my hair...First time I have curls

Curls and a beret...

Fun shot! At least I enjoy this one.


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