Friday, August 18, 2006


I am mildly upset by something I saw today. But then again, it’s too trivial for me to stop doing my important work and going about the daily chores of life. Still, I never knew I could look so ugly when the professionals are called in. That’s some food for thought. Perhaps that’s what the Chinese idiom “画蛇添足” means.
Plus, hello? I wonder why I am so pre-occupied and lacking sleep when ‘idling’. Sigh…Still, blogging is my reprieve to the drudgery of life and a good cure to my writer’s block.
And on hindsight, I shouldn’t have obliged to go along with the entire enterprise. ARGH! (>_<)

(Special mention: Vik is one of the most passionate and professional stylist I have met and May's really sweet).


Blogger DT said...


Hey IVY saw u on ST Urban Aug 17!
After the makeover look good! Well both before & after look great!

After effects for office/serious events
before effects for daily/dating life

Btw you might like to check out this new forum setup to convert "TRASH to Treasure"
Sgswap Exchange

5:24 PM  
Blogger snow angel said...

Great makeover!!

The photos are "electrifying".

9:43 PM  

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