Wednesday, August 16, 2006

'K'ontemplating Krabi

Cousin Gina took a well-deserved trip to Krabi sometime early this year and when she returned, she not only looked rejuvenated but sang praises of this Thai beach resort. She spoke of affordable spa sessions, lovely beachfront accommodations and sampling local vendor fare. I asked her to load some of the pictures online, or show me her holiday photos. After all, I enjoy viewing travel shots immensely. Unfortunately, both of us forgot about this and I did not pursue her for them.
A Straits Times travel article jolted my memory of Krabi as a great travel destination and my curiosity was once again aroused as I read the brief write-up on it. (see Life! Section, ST, 15 Aug'06)
Apparently, typical photo shots of Krabi show bodies of crystalline water and towers of karst rock jutting out of a picture-perfect bay. The Andaman coast is one of the most stunning in the world, with unusual geographical features and a calm sea and naturally endows Krabi with many picturesque beaches and island spots.
It has been eons since I traveled to parts of South-east Asia (SEA). These places belong to my childhood/ teenage memories when my family took short holidays during our year-end vacations to do some sight-seeing. I think it’s high time I re-discover SEA. For its accessibility, affordability and adventure sports! Think diving, abseiling, kayaking, white water rafting, go-karting, rock climbing… It may be the best time for me to obtain a diving license. Go-karting is also cheaper in Malaysia and Thailand than in Singapore (Jurong). Guess I will pass on the rock climbing for the time being. But marine wonders await me and I can almost hear the call of the ocean in the distance. ;-) Second helpings, Gina? Krabi again?

Pictures of Krabi: (special thanks to:

A Bird's eye view of the awesome scenery of Phi Phi

Golden sands and blue skies in Krabi--who needs an Aussie holiday?

The vibrant turquoise seawater of Maya Bay

An aerial shot of Phi Phi Ley's famous Maya Bay

Diving around Krabi--totally awesome!

Dining at the beach--I am sure it will be even more romantic in the evenings!

Of palms and tinted clouds...


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