Friday, August 25, 2006

Completing the sentences…

One boring morning (and we are talking about the wee hours before daybreak), a pale vampire sits in front of her laptop (actually…a borrowed laptop) and feels drained of energy. Sleep is not an option. (*No self respecting creature of the dark would retire for the day at such an early hour*)
Her sustenance of human blood supply (er…actually, it is mocha coffee) in the fridge has run out (oops…I am on the brink of lame humour again)! She sits devoid of ideas and words…and decides to take a break. A spark lights up her dark murky eyes as she devises a new game! COMPLETE THE SENTENCES!

1. The best thing in life…is to be able to live each day with passion and joy.

2. My best personal quote is…true eloquence cannot exist in the absence of wisdom.

3. My ideal man….will love me unconditionally till eternity and preferably not use hair wax.

4. I have always wanted to….fly an F16 Fighting Falcon.

5. I strongly believe in…the existence of God and in the good of Man.

6. If I can have 1 wish, I would wish for…3 more wishes? Ok lah, everlasting happiness.

7. The more I live, the more I know…I should love those I know and never be judgmental of others who I don’t know.

8. My secret fear is…to be mediocre.

9. I know this will never happen but …can I be 1.7m tall?

10. I hate…vain, self-absorbed people.

11. My secret shame is…not knowing how to apply eye drops directly. I simply roll them in from the corner of my eye. ARGH!

12. My last meal on Earth would be…gelato ice-cream, warm chocolate cake and piping hot kampong chicken rice (complete with chili and black sauce).

13. The most important human trait I value is…kindness!

P/S For those of you who are sleepless in Singapore/ or as bored as vampire girl, you can use complete a personal version of these 13 sentences too! Who knows, you may find your inner peace and drift off to Zen-land after that. ;-)


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Get a MACBOOK ivy!!!

sorry for not replying your email.been pretty busy... but i will get down to replying you soon!

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