Sunday, July 03, 2005

My Final Fantasy Gal

Rinoa Heartilly

I was clearing some graphics from my computer when I chanced upon this picture of Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII). For some inexplicable reason, I have always like her very much, and in my undergraduate years, grew to love FF8 because I simply cannot get enough of staring at this computer generated character. I even bought a huge cloth poster of her to hang in my room. However, having her stare at me sleep every night turned out to be rather eerie, and I have since kept the poster. (Sheepish grin).

Five years later, I continue to be drawn to her. Think she's one of the best Final Fantasy heroines I have laid my eyes on.

Alright, before I start sounding freaky, I have better end my entry. Seriously lacking in inspiration tonight, mainly because I am in a neutral mood. When Ivy is feeling neutral, she does not write passionately. But it's a good day for handling academic let's hope I have many 'neutral' mood weeks ahead! =)

Cannot resist putting up another picture of her, for my personal viewing pleasure when I sign in. Heehee...

Rinoa in Dancing Gown

Daily Trivia: Sunlight triggers hypothalamus gland to produce neurotransmitters which govern our digestion, moods, immune system and breathing. Light Therapy helps to treat depression, insomnia, skin rashes and eczema, PMS, hypertension, and even cravings for carbohydrates! So, get out and have fun in the sun. (By the way, remember your sunscreen, folks…SPF 30 minimum). Contrary to popular belief, fair babes can be sun-loving too. ;-)


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