Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Artistic Tuesdays

I think Tuesdays have become Art and Craft Day for me. Out of the four sessions per month at the hospital, three sessions will comprise of craft work for the children. The last session of the month will be playtime with toys and games!! Seriously, I think it should be planned the other way around. Can you imagine boys colouring, cutting and pasting? Most of them would rather play with cars and the Play Station. Good grief!!
Luckily for us, three sweet and conscientious gals were around to ‘support’ our team today. And so, we did a Lady Bug. Having really not much to do, I also did my own lady bug. Well,well…not very professional and it could pass off as a child’s work.
There is this little gal called Yen Shuen. She spelt her name out when I enquired about it and she is one of the most intelligent children I have ever met. She reminded me how as children, we often would exercise our creativity in viewing the world. A time when the world was our playground and we were still too young to lose our sense of imagination. Where the possibilities are limitless and we are not bounded by worldly constraints. When we were still blissfully ignorant of the jungle out there and still unjaded by the harsh reality that awaits us. She coloured her lady bug yellow (yes, there are colourful bugs out there aplenty) and cut out heart shapes polka dots to stick on its body. Inspired, I did my version of a love bug.

Ivys' Bug

I chatted with an Indonesian girl and really liked her necklace (personalized name plate) so much I requested to take a picture of it. She was delighted and gladly took it off for a photograph. Children are the most lovely and unpretentious people! Unfortunately, she custom made it in Indonesia and I would not be able to get one with my name on it. =( Well, too bad. (My awful sister actually suggested I patronize a pet shop to have one made). Hmph!

Suryana's Necklace

After the craft session, we went back to the office to disinfect some toys. Two boys were playing some games on the Play Station and there is a super charismatic boy called Firdaus with a very cool hairstyle. Commented I like it very much and he immediately started telling me all his experiences with sporting that controversial hairstyle in school. Almost had his ‘rooster head’ decapitated by the discipline master. Heehee. Anyway, guys, try this out! Apparently, L’Oreal has a gel that can hold your hair up and maintain it all day. I will check it out and give ya the details. He’s a good sport and posed for a picture. Two in fact!

Firdaus' funny face

Corny Look Side View

All day, I am in contact with kids who possess such sunny disposition despite their illnesses. In them I see strength and optimism, hope and sunshine! From them, I learnt the power of positive thinking. Cheers, dear precious children of God!

Daily Trivia: The electric chair was invented by a dentist. (Yea, confirmed my suspicion about evil dentists.) =P


Blogger jason said...

so suai ivy u n him r a gd couple

1:40 PM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Hello jason, this boy's your age, ok? Apparently, you enjoy sprouting nonsense...just to piss me off, online and offline. =(

1:59 AM  
Blogger jason said...

its ok u noe

2:52 PM  

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