Sunday, June 12, 2005

Shopping--Part 1

I was just thinking to myself that I haven’t been an avid partaker in the Great Singapore Sale. Not yet. I think I have a love-hate relationship with sales. Well, if some things are going for 50% off their normal retail price, it would be rational to just make a beeline for that little black dress (LBD) that I have been lusting after for the longest time. Yea, right. Reality is sometimes harsh. Some bugger has already beaten me to it and it’s no longer available in my size. What a bummer! Who is the puny @#$%^& little elf who can squeeze into it other than me? Gone? You sure? (Curse under breath…and promise to rip the dress off the lady who bought it. If I ever spot her around that is. Just keep my eyes alert for any suspicious-looking human dumpling =p). So, if you see, you like, you buy! If the price is right. If not, wipe the image of the item from the recesses of your memory forever. Don’t think about it already, ok? We are not always that lucky to be able to gain first-hand news of a sale and swoop in on our coveted on sale items at the fastest possible time. Just Buy It! –the shopping paradigm that echoes the dream of every retailer. Yea, and I like my items to be a new piece, not the last (over-tried on item) found in the bottom of bargain bin. Do the math and you will realize that it’s not worth it for a couple dollars worth of savings.

Since I am on the topic of shopping, don’t we just dread to go into some shops? Those stand alone boutiques with infamous pesky sales girls who will hound the daylights out of you? Never mind that the clothes hanging on the mannequins entice you to go in for a second look. The very memory of being harassed to death in the shop is enough to stop you in your tracks.
Here are some experiences of how I handle persistent salesgirls: (Tried and tested methods!)

Scenario 1:
Salesgirl: This top is very popular. It will look nice on you. Comes in three colours. Give it a try, lah.
Me: Hm…not bad. Ok.
Salesgirl: Let me find a bottom for you to match it with.
Me: Er…ok.
(Goes into fitting room).
Salesgirl: (Calls out to me outside the fitting room) How is it, Miss? Come out and let me have a look lah. I help you adjust.
Me: (Mutters under my breath: “What the… I haven’t even pull it over my head yet.”)—ignores her.
Salesgirl: Miss, you ok inside? Come out and let me have a look.
Me: (What do you think? I have died from breathing in my recycled carbon dioxide in this crummy room?) Wait, I am coming out soon.
(Hey! Where’s the mirror? No mirror in the room? What a low-down retail trick. Like it will work on me. Sighs and steps out.)
Salesgirl: Wah, very nice!
Me: Har? I think it’s a bit loose on me.
Salesgirl: Nowadays, the fashion trend is like that. People don’t wear so tight-fit anymore.
Me: (Really? Ok lah, but this one is so loose you can dump rubbish down my back). Not nice. It’s too low cut too.
Salesgirl: You can wear a tube-top inside.
Me: I don’t like it. Never mind, thanks. (Smiles sweetly but answers firmly).
Salesgirl: Why not? Nice lah. We can alter it for you if you like.
Me: No thanks (still gives an apologetic smile)
Another salesgirl joins in the hard-sell situation.
Salesgirl 2: Nice mah. Now got discount some more. Good to buy!
Me: (Sorry gals, you have pushed me over the limit) I am wearing it, I know what looks good and what doesn’t on me. [Gives them both the coldest glare and slams the fitting door shut]

Scenario 2:
Salesgirl: Welcome to XXXX.
Me: Smiles politely at her.
(turns my attention onto a rather nice looking dress)
Salesgirl: Want to try? It will look nice on you.
Me: Ok. (heads for the fitting room)
Salesgirl: There are some new arrivals too. See, they just came in this week.
Me: (Takes a quick glance at where she’s pointing and dismisses it with a nod). No thanks.
In the fitting room…..
Salesgirl: Miss, how is it? I show you some nice pieces too. You try lah, don’t buy never mind one.
(starts throwing them by the dozen over the top into the fitting room cubicle)
Me: (What the…) ARGH.
[Grab all the clothes she has thrown in, opens the door and hand them over to her]
Sorry, I am only interested in this piece I am wearing. You can hang these back while I examine myself in the mirror.
Salesgirl: Oh. Ok, lah. (looks rather stunned)

Daily Trivia: In 1765, the sandwich was invented by John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, who gave the food its name. The Earl used to order roast beef between pieces of toast for a snack while he was at the gaming tables, it allowed him to keep one hand free to play while he ate.


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