Monday, June 06, 2005

First blog entry!

After much procrastination, I have finally got down to getting myself a blog account. Since it’s a rather momentous milestone in my mundane life, I need to pick a nice date to remember the day I started blogging. Cheers to 6/6/2005!

Well, what do I want to fill my blog with? Definitely not uneventful ramblings about the days of my life…or it will be the longest and most boring soap opera anyone will ever lay their eyeballs on. But if I fill it with daily musings, now that’s a different story. The world that exists in the head of dear little Ivy is like a wonderland. A fertile ground where flowers bloom and blossom into the most amazing assortment of flora collection, where it’s a meeting of the weird and the beautiful, the demented and the sane.

My reason for blogging? Simply put, I want to pen down those thoughts in my life that I actually expended energy to think about and document them. The physicality of capturing them all down for future references appeals greatly to me. And what’s in it for the readers? Hopefully, you will gain some insight from my entries and if you feel strongly (for or against) any of my opinions, you can email me or post your comments on the tagboard to facilitate the exchange of ideas. And remember those burning questions you may happen to ask when you were an inquisitive child? You can find them as daily trivia in my blog entries. May the sense of wonderment in all of us never die!

Daily Trivia: A hen lays one egg at a time and it takes 26 hours for the hen to make an egg.


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