Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Inspiration from the Princess Diaries

Slept a measly two hours today and had to wake up super early to go and do volunteer work. The kid I was trying to play with had an attention deficit problem. I tried getting him to do some craft work but all he wanted to do was to empty out the little crayons from the container and throw them on the floor. As I started picking them up, he furrowed his brow, shook his head and prevented me from doing so by stepping on my fingers. Hey! =( He proceeded to step on my toes too. OUCH! I conjured up a fantasy scene (a la Ally McBeal style) whereby I lift him up by his neck and strangled him till he coughs feebly and faints…At least thought crime is no crime….for now that is.

Had to go for some retail therapy after that session (well, so much for shopping at a campus Co-op—bookshop). Boy, am I in luck! There are some new arrivals and I succumbed to buying this book called “The Fabric of the Cosmos” by Brian Greene. I will put up a review for it after reading it. As for now, I am indulging in another Dan Brown book called “Digital Fortress”. I just had to know how he fares as an author in his other works. Am glad it’s a loan from my sister’s colleague. Will write a review for it too. If this goes on, I think I will be rather screwed up, in terms of not spending more time on my own dissertation. Yikes! Temptations…
Lunch was spent catching up with a friend I have not seen for some time. It was really meaningful and we eventually went on to discuss some rather philosophical stuff. It seems weird for we have never broached that deeply on stuff in our conversations. The clincher came when out of the blue, he blurted out a quotation as remembered from movie “The Princess Diaries”. Wow! I love quotations and so, I spent the night looking up the Internet for the exact phrase. It goes like this,

“The brave may not live forever, but the cautious never live at all.”—Timothy Luce

Absolutely inspiring! Especially at that time when we were in the midst of discussing my lack of courage to venture out in the relationship department. Kinda mentioned that I did not really believe in it as I have seen too many failures. Well, perhaps I should take the cue, throw caution to the wind and really experience something beautiful. Ah…that I shall leave it open to explore some other night. I have rambled on for so long and the night is not getting younger. Go to bed, I must.

Daily Trivia: The skin is the biggest organ in our bodies. Take good care of it!


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