Tuesday, June 14, 2005

In pursuit of the "Big Fish"

Was browsing in HMV with a friend when we chanced upon the movie “Big Fish”. It was a movie that I wanted to catch but forgot about… Apparently, it was recommended to be a really nice movie, something that I would definitely enjoy. Sigh…By some lucky twist of fate, I was reading my sister’s blog when I chanced upon her watching “Big Fish” on Sunday on DVD. Wow!!! Ok, my first reaction was like “Wow! She has the DVD.” But the initial happiness was replaced by a pang of mild sadness. Why do I get to know more about my sister’s life and activity through her blog? Sigh…Looks like I haven’t been communicating with her that much. Samuel, you home wrecker! (shakes fists into the air and howls heavenward to the blue corn moon). I immediately got down to calling her in the office and asking if she has it in some nook and cranny of our house. Alright, I confess. I actually ventured bravely into her room and tried to look around for it first. But, I am not a natural snooper and her room’s like @#$%^&. Wading through all the junk on the floor is already one great obstacle course. Not to mention the risk of catching some mutated strand of virus that lurks among the germ-filled ‘battlefield’ is enough to put me off. I walked out defeated after two minutes. =(
She told me that I had been oblivious to the presence of the DVD, which had been lying around our house for soooooo long. Told me to watch anything from the pile Samuel had loaned us, cos she’s gonna return this to him today. Yikes!!! In my panic, I decided to hold her dear Amos hostage and threatened to cut off his stumpy legs if she doesn’t bring it home for me today. Heehee…
Well, the need for some introduction here:
The little boy in the Red Indian costume is called Amos Peppermint. He is one of my sister’s favorite. (Though she claims she doesn’t practice favoritism among her toys). He came into our family exposing his butt and penis. None of us dared to touch him and eventually, my mum took pity on him and sewed him a pair of yellow shorts. His fortune changed for the better and he went on to become one of the hottest babies we’ve ever got! The snowman is my trusty companion, Jerry Maguire. He’s also the best candidate to kidnap and threaten me with. Often, he’s in jeopardy of getting his pointed orange nose cut off in our sisterly brawls. =P
Thought of writing a recommendation for a book tonight, but decided against it. My ramblings would take me late into the wee hours of the morning. Decided to save it for another day, when I am less occupied.

Amos Peppermint

Jerry with his cookies sticker

Daily Trivia: Thomas Edison held more than 1,300 U.S. and foreign patents. His first major invention was the quadruplex telegraph. Unlike other telegraphs at the time, it could send four messages at the same time over one wire.


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