Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Have been rather lazy with updating my blog entries recently. It can be rather tiring to pen down thoughts after they have already come and gone. Which is why I think moblogs will definitely be something really BIG in the near future. In fact, evidence of the rising prominence of moblogging could be dated back to July 5,2003, when a few dozen mobile bloggers -- Web publishers who post photos, video and text to the Web from cell phones and other mobile devices -- gathered in Tokyo for the First International Moblogging Conference. Adam Greenfield, one of the conference organizers, coined the term "moblogging" in November 2002. The event was particularly resonant for futurist Howard Rheingold, who predicted in his book "Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution" that advances in technology would soon give everyone the tools they need to publish independent reports of news events as they are happening directly to the Web and other platforms. According to Rheingold's prediction, moblogging "is one of the leading indicators to watch as the shape of the new mediasphere becomes visible".
Alright, enough of new media related stuff. The statement below is so touching that I had to share it with the rest of you:

"Someday when the pages of the book of my life are over, I know you are one of the most colourful chapters I ever had. If it'll be opened again, I'll start with the moment I knew you."

I do not know the original source of these rather cinematic two-liners. However, you would have to agree albeit tragic, it’s beautifully written.

Daily Trivia: The young of a swan is called a cygnet; that of shark is called a cub!


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