Monday, March 09, 2009

International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day 2009. On a random note, I was returning home tonight when I saw 2 little puppies playing with each other while taken on a walk. As they were frolicking on the grass patch, a cat watched on unblinkingly. The owner threatened to leave them behind by turning to walk away and the dimunitive pups ran hastily to follow suit. The still cat ogled on till they disappeared out of sight before rousing from its reverie.
I felt a sudden pang of sadness for the stray creature and wondered if it too entertained the notion of 'what if'.
'What if it has a place to call home rather than roam the streets?'. 'What if it belonged to someone?'
I have never contemplated whether cats which love freedom cared for a sense of belonging but on this windless cool evening, I could almost feel that they mind their rootless existence in the neighbourhood.

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