Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Perfect Evening

Just yesterday, a highly acclaimed drama sequel 'Perfect Cut 2' started its run on Singapore free to air Channel U.
I like the first series and with the 2nd installment receiving rave reviews, I awaited with bated breath to catch it on television.
This series is more graphic (think close up shots in the OT) and with the introduction of Edmund Chen who plays a character I can totally identify with, I am giving it the thumbs up sign.

Coincidentally, a couple of hours prior to watching the debut episode, I was at the venue where most of the clinic scenes took place.

Bamboo Grove @ The Landscape Garden

Garden Cafe

Strange mushrooms in the clinic's 'backyard'

Up Close

Under Construction

I wonder what are they building?

If this is a residential site, I want to buy the property here!

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