Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Health Hazard: Listening to our National Radio

It’s terrible to listen to the national radio (News Radio 938) so early in the morning. And I just dread it when the Talkback session comes on air and listeners call in to give their 2 cents’ worth on whatever is the topic of discussion of the day. (I digress, but I would rather be sleeping than speed dialing a number just to voice my humble opinion on the airwaves).

Most commonly mispronounced/ improperly enunciated word:

Singaporeans tend to slur through this word or simply put no effort in articulating it clearly.
Like fingernails scratching across the chalkboard, it’s enough to give one a splitting headache when this word is mispronounced 5 times in a row. ARGH
Another weird expression Singaporeans like to use:
Watch TV.
This is how you watch TV:
Maybe you have a super luxurious, movie theatre-sized LCD flat screen in your house. Watching it alone is enough to give you a visual high. Programmes? Nah. I love staring at the empty screen. What a sexy electronic appliance. (Heard the crickets calling?)
Or maybe you’re afraid that someone will steal it when you’re not looking. Don’t blink and guard it with your life… (-_-)

Something that puzzles me:
My smallest child is laden with lots of schoolwork.
One thing’s for sure. I am the eldest but SMALLEST child in my family.
Latest expression that tickled me:
I disagree with youths making sex nowadays.
Seriously. Singaporeans pay too little emphasis on speaking correctly. This in turn leads to miscommunication. Then again, if the entire nation is on the same wavelength, my concern may be unfounded. Oh well.
Daily Trivia:
Straits Times Section that I like: English As It Is Broken



Blogger crazychick said...

i like the making sex part the best!! hhahahaha!! gosh.

ok, i'm mean, but bad english amuses me like mad. i just got a pm in friendster from a stranger recently with the title: "can i make A FRIENDS with you?". good grief, i do not have multiple personality to qualify being A FRIENDS to him XD

also, errors like Virginal wash and Public hair tickles me to no end. lol.

uh, btw, how do you pronounce Probably? Prob-bab-bly? i hope thats the case cuz i pronounce it that way :P

3:47 PM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

The feminine wash and ahem, hair in the nether regions errors are hilarious! GOSH. I will die laughing if I see such wash on the shelves.

Oh, one tip for pronounciation (something which I consult regularly):
MSN Encarta Dictionary.
Click on the audio clip for the words. Foolproof and accurate. My trusted guide to good spoken English.


4:42 PM  
Anonymous Lani said...


Ivy, your English language standard is really good, no doubts to that. I wish you can come over to my toastmaster chapter meeting one fine day, keke. You have the caliber for a language evaluator. :)

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Wilfrid said...

Oh dear ... I would have gotten the same headache as well if I was to listen to that radio broadcast.

I hope our Singapore English will not be degenerated into "broken English" just like in Mauritius, they have "broken French" as the official language.

12:13 AM  
Blogger min said...


and the excessive usage of the word ALREADY!

2:36 AM  
Blogger crazychick said...

thanks for the tip dear girl!! it will certainly proof useful for me :) i tried typing in "asshole" and a language advisory page popped up :P hahahaha!!

7:24 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

To Lani:
Yep, I want to join a toastmaster's club. The last time I attended one was in secondary school. Will contact you in the near future to tag along on one of your sessions.

Wilfrid: Avoid the morning 'Talkback' sessions on NewRadio 938. It's kinda distracting to listen to it and drive.

Min: Hi Min! I didn't manage to reply to your email the previous time because of my eyes. Hm...My honest opinion is to make full use of the Boomtime job market in SG.

Jenn: Whoa. I must enter some expletive. Language advisory page. Haha!

2:36 AM  
Blogger yuE said...


well, i think as long as the meaning gets across and, well it's okay...

and well... youth is spelled w/o the word 's'

well.. sg can't spell too =)

12:45 AM  
Blogger Xinyi said...

Eeks. I have a couple of pet language peeves too. One word that really gets me is"smelly" pronounced as "smell-ly" instead of "sme-lly". Other non-English words include "wasabi" (not "wasebe"!). Bad grammar bothers me more than pronunciation though:).

10:30 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

To yue: Yep, Robbie. True. Sometimes we shouldn't be too anal to get the words right.

To Xinyi: Yea, what's with the 'wasebe?' A lot of people pronounce it like that and I feel ill even before consuming the stuff. (-_-)

6:21 PM  

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