Sunday, July 29, 2007

Free Ice-Cream (2 days in a row)

Simple Everyday Happiness: Eating ice-cream.
Friday’s serving was yet another treat from KT. Damn paiseh. Always eat sundaes FOC courtesy of his generosity. Anyway, a simple hot fudge sundae from Mac is so delightful. Makes me happy and my tummy purr in bliss.
Today I was checking out the newly opened ‘Mr Bean’ in my neighbourbood. Wanted to get my Tou Huay fix and was craving for their soya bean ice-cream. Unfortunately, the staff told me that their ice-cream machine is not functioning properly and the stuff is soft unlike their normal serving.
ARGH! I started whining a bit, lamenting that I have been wanting to eat their soya bean ice-cream for the longest time. The lady in charge dispensed a cupful from the machine and told me it’s on the house since she doesn’t want to sell me sub-standard stuff.

Seriously. Soft’s good too. I wonder what other ingredient they added to harden the ice-cream. Gelatin? No need lah. Maybe I just have a soft spot for soy product.

Since I am on the topic of food, I must try the thyme leaves with bread and olive oil recipe sometime soon! A splendid alternative to my favourite bread Focaccia bread. Has anyone eaten "focaccia col formaggio(focaccia with cheese)"? It’s my slice of heaven.



Blogger crazychick said...

i just had a McDs ice cream yesterday too! :) i love their ice creams!! yumness!!

i never tried cheese focaccia before... but i love the plain ones dipped in soup! gosh off i go for breakfast now!! all this foodtalk is making me hungry!! :D

glad to see you getting better day by day!! take care ya!!

ps: have you received my package?

9:12 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Hiya Jenn!
The package is at the Post Office cos I missed the postman on his rounds. Thanks in advance! Have been meaning to reply you on this via email but yea, I am such a scatterbrain. >_<

McD's ice-cream rocks. Somehow, they taste better in MY than SG (don't know why...maybe the difference lies in the dairy used).

4:36 PM  
Blogger crazychick said...

ohh.. no worries about not replying me :) hehe..

Maybe the ones in Malaysia are being "marinated" on the self for days thats why they taste better:P hehehehe... anyway i must try SG's version someday. gosh i really wanna go SG!!

7:27 AM  

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