Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week in Brief

Sorry for the hiatus. It was something I can no longer help. I have been idle all weekend. Not by choice of course.

My eyes—to put it mildly, they are scratched. The corneas are no longer what they use to be.
NO, it’s not due to contact lenses—this is very unfair. For all the vain pot girls in the world who wear them everyday, for 10 hours straight just to look like they came out from some advertisement, NO, I am not in that number. I don’t even wear contacts more than 5 times a month. For days I need to see further than what I require.
I don’t heap lots of stupid makeup onto my eye area causing dubious powder and shimmers to fall into them. I did absolutely nothing. I don’t rub my eyes because the rubbing induces wrinkles.

So much for being good.

By some mysterious chance, I awoke one day to view the world through scratched lenses. My view is foggy, I can no longer read the newspapers (words are too small); anything that emits light is a no-no (think TV, computer, handphone).
Been in and out of hospitals (the last visit being the wee hours of Saturday morning).

No medication was given to me. Only eye drops. And it’s up to my corneas to heal by themselves. I just wonder how long it will take. As I type out this entry, all the words are just a blur to me and I am wearing my aviator shades while looking at the screen. SUCKS! And the pain from the scratches? Like just say, think of the intermittent menstrual cramps on your eyes. Yea.

Am I afraid? Of course. Imagine not being able to see for the rest of my life. But I am not exactly bawling my eyes out—since I am the rational sort of person (the more you cry, the faster you go blind).
So there you have it. I am NOT attending any birthday celebrations nor weddings for the time being. You may mistake my tears for being extremely touched by the love the couple share but heck NO. It’s just my eyes and the pain’s killing me.

In the meantime, I am just unhappy. Not being able to read anything is beyond torture for me. And I sleep 20 hours of my life away daily. (What’s a girl to do when she closes her eyes that long?)



Blogger Xinyi said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so shocked to read about this! I hope you find a good doctor who can do more for you:(. In the meantime, do take good care of yourself! I cant imagine how awful it must be for you. If you don't mind, I'll be adding you to my prayers every night. *hugs*

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Wilfrid said...

Oh dear, this is shocking. Get well soon. You are still very young and should be able to heal fast. Take good care of yourself.

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Lani said...

Dear Ivy,

Please stay positive about your condition and believe that your eyes will heal VERY SOON. Trust me... your mind can overpower your body. For now, have loads of rest and keep yourself in good mood.

Have a speedy recovery! :)

10:21 PM  
Blogger min said...


oh dear!!! just take a good rest!!! i'm sure your eyes will be fine in no time!!!! just...dont be upset bout it k?!!??! it wont last too long

12:23 AM  
Blogger crazychick said...

Dearest Ivy, i'm shocked speechless. please do take good care of yourself and try to rest your eyes as much as possible. i can only imagine how painful this is for you. pray that your eyes will heal by itself really soon!! take care dear!!

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! Dearest Ivy~
No wonder tat so long no hear from u!!!
*BIG HUGS*! My dear~
If the problem still persist,
Please-Please go to the eye center Specialist Okie???
Such $$$ cannot be save up~
*BIG HUGGIES*! Ivy dear~ Get well soon!!!
I will pray for u!!!


2:46 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Thank you all for your kind concern and wonderful advice.
Latest updates:
My vision is returning slowly but surely. I hope it's improving but only the coming appointment with the eye specialist will give me something more concrete. In the meantime, I will try to avoid direct sunlight, prolonged computer usage and everything else that will put a strain on my peepers.

I really appreciate all of your friendship and get well wishes. You people are very dear to me. Thank you again!

12:35 AM  
Anonymous jenn said...

eeps!! i check back and see this! you poor thing!

this person I know had a paper cut on her cornea and is still recovering after months...k not like its any consolation but she does have it worse :P

well cheer up coz it'll get better soon~ try not to be too annoyed with your vision in the meantime, i can imagine how frustrating and uncomfortable it must be...

((( gentle hugs )))

2:03 PM  

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