Thursday, May 24, 2007

Singapore Arts Festival 2007—Not to be missed!

Blog Announcement:
Lots of free performances and other good productions to catch during this period.

And as an advertisement for my dear dear sister, she’s helping out in the Festival’s outreach as an assistant.

And yes, she will be the host for their Opening and Closing Outdoor Performances!!!
Woohoo! So proud of her.

We sound so alike that listening to her voice boom over the Padang is freaky yet gratifying. =P We are more entertaining hosts than the duo May and Choy. The female equivalent of 小猪 and 小鬼, if you know who I am talking about.

This year's festival opening is by La Fura dels Baus a Spanish arts group. They will magically suspended in space is an amazing aerial net of human bodies moving in synchronicity.
Absolutely FREE and open to members of the public. Great stuff!

Venue: Padang (Raffles City area)
Performance schedule: 25-27 May
Time: Starts at 8pm daily

She will be there for 3 nights. And I will be going down one weekend evening to support. Hate the parking though. Anyone has any idea where’s a good and perhaps free parking venue?
I don’t like taking public transport. And taxi cabs fares are depleting my bank account. Shucks.

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Blogger Aileen said...

Whoa Whoa... my big 'lil sis so sweet to do this for me. =) *kiss kiss* you. I know you're blog viewership is higher than mine, that's why you blog, more pple will know. haha. You can park at Connaught Drive it's just side padang. if you come earlier though. Friday night would be a good night to come by since there's roving performance at 7pm. Sat and Sun's show begins at 8pm. :) Yeah.. can send me home after that.

12:09 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Friday's too rushed for me. Sat or Sunday perhaps. =)
Yep, I know that parking space. Need to grab early and fast.
Can you put some cones and demarcation tapes to mark "RESERVE" for moi?

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Amaranth said...

Great work.

1:02 PM  

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