Friday, December 01, 2006

Rising Temperatures in Antarctica

Tap Dancing Penguins!!!!??? Nothing could be further from the truth. Penguins waddle gracelessly on land and only transform into torpedo-like, lean mean swimming machines underwater.

Oh, never mind reality!

“Happy Feet” is the best movie of the 2006! Never ever miss it, alright? Best to catch it in the cinemas and not hold out for its DVD release. I am sure everyone walked out from the theatres—happy.

So, nope, no spoilers for this movie. YOU GO WATCH IT YOURSELF. And shame on you if you want to illegally download this one.

In all, it’s a hilarious movie that will have you up in stitches; meaningful enough for you to appreciate the tenacious nature of penguins, and so infectious that you actually tap your feet and jiggle your shoulders to the rhythm.

Tone deaf Mumble
I exclaimed about his blue eyes when he tumbled out of his shell.
But you know what? He’s an albino Emperor penguin!!! But there wasn’t any mention in the entire film because living things with albinism are generally as healthy as the rest of their species.
Still, it adds on to poor Mumble’s outwardly difference from his flock.

Cool Egoistic Ramon
(voiced by Robin Williams—the voiceover master!)

Watch it for the CG effects; watch it for its feel-good eco-friendly storyline. Have a few good laughs, groove to the beat and shake your booty while walking out from the theatres.

Substance beneath the fun: (my interpretation)

1. Man is the main destroyer of the ecosystem.
2. Blind faith will lead you onto the road to self annihilation.
3. Your ______ leaders are not right all the time (insert whatever term that applies).
4. Appealing to others’ better nature is tough. Get them to like you first.
5. Having exotic things makes you special. (a tagged Boss Skua and Lovelace with a plastic six packed neck ring)
6. Capitalize on your wisdom to get wealthy.
7. Give vague answers to questions you don’t know. (don't some lecturers do that all the time?!)
8. It’s alright to be different. Seek out an audience who appreciates your talent.
9. If you can’t sing live, try Lip Synching.
10. It’s good to have company but sometimes, you need to journey alone to seek out your answers.

Funniest Movie Moment:

Leopard Seal: Come here you sausage. I take you with ketchup.
Latin Penguins: But first you must catch up! [hahaha]
Leopard Seal: I know where you live.
Ramon: Yeah, it's called LAND, lardface!
(more taunting laughter)

A madcap quintet of Adelie Penguins

Lovelace the Rockhopper Penguin

Movie Trivia:
The late Steve Irwin provides the voice of an elephant seal who helps point Mumble in the right direction.

My up close and personal encounter with a fairy penguin (@ Bicheno Tasmania):

Boy, it sure looked rather pissed with a bunch of tourists peering at it.

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Blogger Xinyi said...

This is definitely on the top of my to-watch list:)!

4:54 AM  
Blogger The Mad One said...

Lovelace is one obese rockhopper! LOL!

9:43 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Heehee. Yea. Good grief. I mean, how did he managed to get so fat when those are lean times, in terms of fish supply. Duhz... o_0

9:49 AM  

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