Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rated E

E for Entertainment.

Yep, I am not so creative today when I ‘wrote’ this entry title. It’s actually taken off this Najip Ali’s programme on entertainment fodder that was co-hosted by Michelle Chong and a very very boring Shan Wee.
Anyway, Aileen and I were watching CNA and they were showing this Entertainment Weekly program. Stacey Ferguson’s (Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas) Music Video was playing and our eyes were glued to the screen. I didn’t take my eyes off this one till it ended.

We nattered away without taking our eyes off the goggle box.

Aileen: Can’t comprehend what’s she singing about.
Ivy: Whoa, this MV is so sexual…Tsk tsk.
Aileen: Yea.

Silence resumes and our rapt attention was captured by the very voluptuous Fergie. At the end of the MTV.

Aileen: Still don’t know what she’s singing about. Can’t catch much stuff.
Ivy: It’s the grooving that matters more. The song’s totally stupid.

Ivy: This is the stuff MVs should be made of. Interesting! The ever changing images, the colours, the costumes and all. Put in the allure of some flesh flashing and BAM! It’s a success with a high replay rate on MTV channel. Artistes from Singapore have poorly done MVs. Stefanie Sun’s one of the rare exceptions.
Aileen: HM?
Ivy: I mean, Joi Chua has a beautiful voice. But I will fall asleep watching her walk through a field of cornflowers while belting out her ballad. An MV really has to be ‘enjoyable’ and a pleasure to watch. Or else, we will just listen to the audio tracks on our iPods, right?
Aileen: True. But need a lot of $$ to make such MVs.
Ivy: Yep. Oh well.

Here’s the link to Fergie’s FERGALICIOUS.

Since this is the start of the weekend, here are 2 extra links for you guys to preview some trailers. The first one is Jolin Tsai’s latest MV. It’s called 《唯舞独尊》.

Jolin Tsai is Asia’s Pop Princess. As I have mentioned before, she has a very passable common voice. So her record company knows that if they sell her albums with only audio tracks, sales will be dismal (obvious loss in earnings to rampant illegal online downloading). Now her releases come with an accompanying DVD of her music videos.
Makes more sense and I really enjoy watching these creative MVs.
Jolin's formula for success:

(+ inflate boobs? =P)

As you may have observed, her dancing segments are awfully cheesy. BoA is so much better as a talent executing these moves. Still, she works hard, so she gets better as time goes by. Image rejuvenation is of utmost importance to capture the capricious tastes of the average consumer of pop culture and the Taiwanese knows the rules of the game well.

Last but not least:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teaser trailer!!!
Set to open in theatres on 30March 2007.
Woohoo! Looks good. I am so catching it. After a hiatus of 14 years…looks like they are resurrecting these dudes here. I am sure they are cashing in on wave of nostalgia it will bring to those of us born in the 80s. Indeed, I can still remember how the opening song goes. I sing for ya to hear?
Personal fave turtle: Michelango the joker and his nunchaku!!! Yee Ha!

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Blogger The Mad One said...

IMO Fergie is probably one of the only persons that can act manja and actually get away with it. the rest (think jolin tsai, gigi leung and the like.. yuck!)

10:06 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

That's true... =)

11:46 PM  

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