Saturday, November 11, 2006

Say No to Acne!

This product is fantabulous! Is there such a word? Yep, it’s a slang—Fantastic and Fabulous combined. And that’s what it is!

It’s Biologie Pierre Boutigny Acne Serum for Oily and Problem Skin from France.

It contains a blend of orris root extracts and essential oils with decongesting and soothing actions. It helps blemish skin to recover to its original flawless state.

Use your finger (washed, dried and cleaned) to collect a little of the product and dab it to the affected pimply areas.


When used on a ‘budding’ newly discovered pimple, it will stem its growth. Results are almost immediate. The little pesky thing dries up and flakes off overnight.

If the pimple in question is a big stubborn one (with some pus), this serum will reduce its size over 2 days, then dries it up and make it disappear in 1 week maximum.

Product Details:

Description: Roll on tube (though it’s better to apply using fingers—you don’t want to contaminate the bottle by rolling the serum over your acne right?)
Scent: Herbal
Texture: Essential oil but not greasy. Is absorbed quickly into skin.
Follow-up with your trusted brand of pimple cream.
Quantity: 8 ml bottle
Price: $52 SGD ($41.60 after discount) Ask to get the discount.
Where to buy in Singapore: Beaute Spring Pte Ltd [Block 183, Toa Payoh Central, #01-272
(Tel: 62515535]

The irony:
I was just stocking up on toiletries at Toa Payoh Central and was queuing to pay for my purchases. A beauty promoter saw the Neutrogena pimple cream in my hand and recommended me this product. I was truly skeptical and the price is really off-putting. I declined politely and told her it was too expensive. She offered me a discount and for some God forbid “possessed” reason, I actually bit on the bait!!!
I went home to try the product and am truly won over. Initially, I was still worried that it was a bimbotic impulse buy.
The bottle photographed is my second bottle. Now, I am so crazy I dab it liberally all over my face. And the result? Beautifully clear skin. I have to wean myself off this though…

Why didn’t I come across this brand before? That’s because it’s actually a professional salon product.

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Blogger The Mad One said...

i haven't seen this brand where i'm! :) it sounds great! the price seems a little too steep for me though (SGD40++ = RM100+?? *faints*)... will stick to my trusty cheapo RM13.90 aiken 100% tea tree oil. LOL.

11:08 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Harlow Jenn! Yep, I think it's very expensive too.
I also like Proactive too. But I will not buy the entire set, just the Repairing Lotion will do. Neutrogena's Acne Cream is also good. So, yep, this one is such a wasteful luxury. I must...I must...not buy another bottle. =)

12:00 PM  

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