Monday, October 30, 2006

Weaseling Out of a Sticky Situation

If you have time to spare on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and do not mind giving your heart a healthy dose of anger-induced workout, you may choose to follow the latest local saga that is still raging in cyberspace.

Documentation of blog entries:
A tale of 2 Wees

Interesting follow-ups:
Rich dad, poor daddy

Youtube parody of saga

Here’s my 2 cents’ worth on this issue:

1. You can be critical but not downright mean.

2. You are entitled to your personal opinions but don’t take to name-calling others (e.g. Crackpots, wretched leeches…).

3. It’s unfortunate that you have to clean up your child’s shit but since you have assumed the role of the fire fighter, just grin and bear it. Never do it grudgingly.

4. A blotched apology is worse than burrowing your face in the sand till the worst is over.

5. Money is a sensitive issue. People get angry when you tell them gloatingly that they are the lesser beings, sad losers. Sure doesn’t help when these losers' money contributes to your fat wallet.

6. Elitism is nicely expressed on programs like “The finer side”. Subtlety is the key.

7. Blog at your own risk. You never know when someone might take offence at whatever crap you wrote.

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