Wednesday, October 25, 2006

One shouldn’t attempt to read too much…especially online

I was browsing through a very credible blog written by a group of intelligent women. Well-written entries aside, I scrolled down the links of sites they ‘recommend’ (or follow themselves).

Consummate authors are inclined towards equally good writings. Right? NO…

Wrong assumption.

This particular link is awful. Not in the literary sense. But the content is immoral.

Crap, I am such a prude. But still, it is disconcerting to actually read about the sexual exploits of a gang-bang partaker, who is living life in the hard and fast lane of Singapore.

Call me a late bloomer, but certain words are not found in my rather expansive vocabulary. Till much, much later. Take today’s encounter for one.

Apparently the pursuit of enlightenment doesn’t always lead me to Nirvana. Since the pursuit is a never-ending journey, sometimes, the path I stumble upon introduces me to a scintillating world of debauchery. A realm I never knew existed. A world plagued with depraved values and one which engages in repugnant activities.

I don’t lie; I am fascinated with the on-goings that takes place in this land of merry-making. I peered in from outside, and observe for a while. It’s repulsive reality playing on this channel. Freaky, crazy, true.

This itinerant moves on soon after. It exists, now I know. But this is not my paradise.

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Blogger Chuck McMahon said...

Ivy -- I appreciate your honesty -- that you are attracted to this world as much as repulsed by it (after all, there is a zen saying that "aversion is attraction in reverse"). However, as a seeker you will eventually learn that all religion (and most, if not all morality) is the ego's attempt at feeling superior (for one reason or another). What most religions miss is that Jesus hung out with thieves and prostitutes -- my guess is because they were more honest about who they were and what they desired than most of the people who go to churches and pretend they have no basic instincts. I found your site after I blogged about the little prince (at least for a moment) and then hit the tag to see what else was out there. I enjoyed reading (otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to comment).

4:55 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Dear Chuck,
Thank you for your insight input!
It gives an added dimension to the issue at hand. Wow.

9:33 AM  

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