Saturday, October 21, 2006

Eat me, I smell yummy! --The Body Shop Satsuma Body Lotion

It’s time for Friday’s Beauty products review again. Seriously, I think this is my most bimbotic column of the week, but then again, the beauty industry is a thriving one. And since I personally test all the products I put up, a little sharing with the ladies and metrosexuals who read my blog should hurt, right?

Satsuma Body Lotion 250ml @ $15.90 SGD and
Perfume Oil 15ml @ $24.90 SGD
Note: 10% discount for members. Good to stock up over the Christmas season when there is a sale.
Available: All Body Shop outlets worldwide.

This is one of the lotions that I like to slather onto my skin after an evening shower.
It is lightweight, unlike the Body Butters series and it smells HEAVENLY!

When I use it, I am perked up almost instantly. The zesty fragrance of oranges refreshes tired and unhappy souls. Which is why, whenever you are feeling slightly depressed, you should go smell the oranges or any kind of citrus fruits. Better still, eat them!

In tropical Singapore, we don’t really need heavy duty moisturizers, unlike in temperate countries. So, this body lotion hydrates the skin well enough. It also contains Community Trade organic soya oil that softens the skin.

Unless I want to sleep immediately, I will switch to using my Lavender Body Lotion. If not, this yummy lotion is absolutely great to enliven my senses!
After application, I will dab the Satsuma perfume oil (from the same range—and it’s alcohol-free) to my pulses and leave my room smelling like a fruit.

Ah…the affordable little pleasures of life.

Daily Trivia:

Satsuma is commonly called mikan in Japan. Satsuma is the word used the United Kingdom (Body Shop is of UK origin), and clementine or tangerine in Canada. In the United States, satsumas are most frequently marketed as tangerines. Ah, a fruit by any other name will smell as sweet!

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