Saturday, October 07, 2006

Low-maintenance Beauty Tips

This bottle of Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly is indeed a multi-purpose hardworking formula that every dressing table should never lack.

It’s going for $1.95 for a 49g bottle. Definitely a value-for-money buy and it lasts!

Apart using it on minor cuts, scrapes and burns as prescribed on the bottle, there are several ways to use this really effective skincare product.

Ways to use:

1. Method: Dab a little (size of 2 rice grains) onto a stick of cotton bud and apply it over your lips before you sleep.
Results: Wake up to petal soft lips the next morning! No more dry chapped lips and you have officially prepped your puckers for your lippies and glosses!

2. Method: Apply the product (size of a five-cent coin) onto your pair of dry hands. Spread evenly and massage the product in. Leave to absorb, or even better, put on a pair of cotton gloves after application and retire to bed.
Results: Smooth soft hands that are lovely to hold.

3. Method: Apply the product (size of a ten-cent coin) to each foot. Rub it all over (foot and sole) paying special attention to the heels. Take this as an opportunity to give your feet a massage—a great form of DIY reflexology! I prefer to wear a pair of cotton socks over my feet immediately after. After around 15 minutes, the greasiness is gone and you can take the socks off.
Results: No more cracked heels. And, of cos, pretty shoes should be worn on pretty feet! Without the latter, it wouldn’t be wise to draw undue attention to them.

4. Method: Apply a little (size of half a rice grain) onto a stick of cotton bud and apply it onto your top and lower lashes.
Results: Lashes grow longer and thicker. Cheap alternative to Lipocils (recommended last Friday). And it works! Highly recommended by celebrities and those who have tried it.

Since this is a multi-purpose product, I strongly advise users to practice good hygiene habits. Try to scoop out the required amount and do not dip the same end of the used cotton bud or unclean fingers into the bottle for second helpings. This will prevent contamination and extend the shelf life of the petroleum jelly.

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