Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I don’t game because...

Aileen and I tried to play this simple game involving clicking your mouse below a tennis
ball to bounce it in the air. The more number of times you can keep the ball in the air without letting it hit the ground, the more points you get. 1 point for each time the ball stays airborne.

Our respective scores:

Aileen's Score

My Pathetic Score: A grand total of 8 points!

Aileen managed to obtain the score above after a mere 3 attempts. I feel so dejected! I managed to achieve this score after half an hour of pure grit and concentration. I am sure that had she tried as hard as I did, she would hit a hundred points or more. This fateful day documents a new low in the self esteem index. Haha! Nope, I am not such an extremist. But it definitely didn’t feel good, alright. Why am I such a gaming klutz???

I still remembered sometime in the distant past, I had this Nintendo console and we love playing Super Mario on it.
I think the mission was for Super Mario to save the princess trapped in a castle. And you know what? I never ever got to ‘see’ the princess. I think my personal best was to ‘step foot’ on the Fifth World—and this is because I went through a time warped port-hole. Don't laugh! ='(

Aileen roared in laughter and typed me the following MSN message:

Aileen: Book Club will not make you good at Vidiots!!!!

Ivy: Crying 1

To play the aforementioned game, google The Optus Tennis Challenge.



Blogger The Great Swifty said...

Doesn't matter. Even a (once) hardcore gamer like me, who had been gaming since I was 4-5 tend to suck at certain kinds of games. For example, Super Mario remains one of those games which, despite how much I had furthered my gaming skills, I can never ever complete. (and yeah, it's about saving a princess, and it wasn't a port hole, it was a pipe, Mario's a plumber)

Thus I ended up sticking more with Final Fantasy-like role-playing games which test my mind more than my reflexes and fingers, or Street Fighter-like fighting games (since the premise is much simpler, just beat the crap out of someone, before someone beat the crap out of you first).

Found this blog via Technorati. We both have the same surnames. Yaaay!

4:11 PM  
Blogger =Berry-puff= said...


super mario.... i nvr get to see the princess either. in fact, i've only been to stage 3 after playing it for 5 yrs:(

you should see how i play ps2. the device follows my body movement... up, down, right

4:12 AM  
Blogger KuraKat said...

There are many type of games in the market. The 2 which you mentioned are more of the reaction and action genre.

There are strategy games which are turn based, RPG games that may be turn based (with intricate stroy lines being weaved through the characters and events) as well as cute and child friendly games like Star Wars (lego version).

Really. You shouldn't let one or two games distance you from so many wonderful games out there.

You may find what you like if you try a lil more. =)

3:57 PM  

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