Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Buffet: The Sin of Gluttony

I love buffets! It gives me the same delight as going into a confectionery and biting into all the Godiva chocs sitting prettily on paper dollies. And I pay a fixed price! Yea—dream on!

Problem is, I haven’t been to a buffet for the longest time. Why? I hate the Singaporean mentality of buffets. Since it’s an eat-all-you-want concept, people tend to gorge themselves on the food. It’s usually the juiciest oysters and lobsters (pricey seafood) that captures the hearts of diners and they always make a beeline for this section.

As for myself, I don’t eat raw oysters (nor any form of raw food) and have to miss out on something good in life. But fire was discovered for a good reason right?

Whatever it is, I love buffets because I like the food tasting opportunities they offer. It’s when I can go on a dish pinching spree and taste a lil’ of everything. My taste buds will be in for a treat! Fresh seafood, yummy Asian food, fine European cheeses, lovingly made pastries and out-of-this world desserts! Buffets are great because I get to sample many different culinary styles and take the headache out of picking a singular dish off the menu on capricious days.

Unfortunately, most people attend buffets to get their money’s worth. I suspect if they really eat more than what they have paid for, the restaurant wouldn’t survive long enough to welcome them on their second visit. The very fact that buffet serving restaurants are still thriving is testimony to its lucrative nature.

Anyway, I wouldn’t bear to allow anyone to treat me to a buffet because I know deep down the person’s heart would bleed to see me eating in moderation. Unless the person shares my sentiments of the right way to approach a buffet.

I wish I can go for a dim sum buffet soon. The Line at Shangri-La Hotel would be a fantastic choice too. But my ultimate short term goal would be to drop by The Fullerton for their Chocolate Buffet!

Look at the gorgeous spread!

Main table of delight-yummy cakes and "pop in your mouth" finger food.

5 tiered chocolate fountain, flowing with the nectar of life. Fruits and marshmallows on platters-waiting for their skinny dipping session.

I haven’t been there yet, so photo credits goes to stormii from Storm in a Teacup!

Apparently, the quality of the chocolate laden treats is not compromised. Obviously, this has to do with its pricey charge. Still, it’s fine to indulgence once in a blue moon. I heard from credible sources that the sumptuous spread of luscious chocolate creations and the famed Chocolate Fountain will catapult one straight up to seventh heaven. And the drink station with its premium chocolate blended drinks is also the highlight of the buffet selection.

Come to think of it, a Starbucks drink cost around $5.50. A tiny box of fine chocolates cost around $12. This price of this eat-your-fill buffet then doesn’t seem too exorbitant after all. Drink aromatic traditional kopi at $0.80 from your regular coffee shop and save the balance for this. Sure makes more sense.

The Fullerton Singapore - Chocolate Buffet

Where: The Courtyard (tel: 6877-8129)
When: 8-11pm every Friday and Saturday
Cost: $32 per person before tax!!!
Highly recommended: The chocolate mango yoghurt mousse and mint chocolate cakes. The drink station also spins the smoothest chocolate-y concoctions

Anyone wants to go with me? =)

Daily Trivia:
The "all you can eat" buffet has been ascribed to Herb Macdonald, a Las Vegas hotel manager who introduced the idea in 1946.

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Blogger =Berry-puff= said...


i wana go!!!!!!!

7:01 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

Yea! Let's go together one fine day then! After all the term papers, exams and all. Before you head to San Francisco! Woohoo!

12:40 PM  

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