Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend Treat

Marsha Marsha Marshmallow™

Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Chunks & Toasted Marshmallow & Graham Cracker Swirls

I love Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream. Nothing can curb this sinful craving when the refrigerator in the neighbourhood VideoEzy store sings out all the enticing flavours available through the public announcement system. Ok, I exaggerate.

This brand of ice-cream carries the most creative treats that you can ever imagine. And the concoctions they come up with simply allows you to experience that ‘little bit of heaven’.

Heaven must be made of edible candy canes for its pearly gates. Marshmallow clouds float around lazily and there is an ever flowing fountain of milk chocolate in the middle of the Garden of Eden. The peppermint flavoured grass glistened in the honey golden sun and the heavenly folks queue for their daily treats from the Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream factory that is open 24/7 all week!
Now…why does this sound like a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? =P

I thought this flavour—the Marsha Marsha Marshmallow is not as nice as the New York Super Fudge Chunk. However, the Graham biscuit swirls does make up for the NUTS that are absent in this tub.
The only question is, “Where is the marshmallow???”

Can’t believe it’s raining again….maybe one day, I will invent an ice-cream that will turn hot slowly in the mouth and slides warmly down the gullet, all the way to the stomach. That’s when I can set up an ice-cream empire to rival B&J throughout the world and people will consume my creations all year long. Everyone will be kept satisfied and happy all winter!

My favourite Ben & Jerry's flavour:

Chocolate Ice Cream with White & Dark Fudge Chunks, Pecans, Walnuts & Fudge Covered Almonds



Blogger =Berry-puff= said...

it's my fav too!!!!!

along with chunky munky!!

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