Saturday, September 16, 2006

A brand new line-up!

How the story goes: The day started off wet and rainy (Grumpy Bear), but the sun shines after the rain (Funshine bear) and the rainbow appears on the horizon (Cheer Bear). A delicious sundae is the best way to make this all perfect! (Share Bear).

Latest addition to my family of Care Bears—Blue little Grumpy Bear. He looks unhappy. And you will be wondering why do the creators add a wet blanket to the team of optimistic looking, cheery bears.

Grumpy Bear frowns a lot—that's his way to show us how silly we look when we frown too much. He also shows that it's okay to be grumpy sometimes. But even when we're grumpy, we're still loved, and we're reminded of that by Grumpy Bear's symbol—a rain cloud with heart-shaped raindrops.

AWWWWW….So sweet.

The family is growing and they are facing an overcrowding problem. The space on my bed is fixed, and more bears means less space for each and every one.
Still, they continue grinning. Looks like all’s well. ;-)



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