Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wonder Lashes

The 'miracle' lash growing serum

There is much talk among people in the know about this ‘miracle’ eyelash gel. We’ve heard Christy Chung, beauty editors of countless magazines and aestheticians singing its praises and giving it free advertising via word-of-mouth.

So, it is really THAT fantastic?

I think some people who have seen me in person would keel over if they know I am trying out this product. After all, I have on several occasions invited comments like, “Wah, your eyelashes very long leh” from people who looked at me from close range.

Still, since I am not into gluing falsies (fake eyelashes) on my peepers, but aspire to attain lashes the length and volume of Indian beauty, Aishwarya Rai. Guess I will have to seek more natural alternatives of achieving that, right? No? (*lowers head guiltily*)

The beautiful Aishwarya Rai

I want these lashes--but natural ones please!

Anyway, some celebrities have recommended another lash treatment called “Mavala Eye-lite Double Lash” from Switzerland. It costs $16.50 a bottle. Metro and Sasa Cosmetics carries this product.

Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash Serum

My personal user review: NO DIFFERENCE! Really. And it’s after 10 months of dutiful nightly application. They look the same to me. And I am rather perceptive.

So, it was with much resignation that I turn to Talika Lipocils Eyelash Treatment Gel to increase the length of my lashes. I half suspect that they have already grown to their full length and can extend no longer. =(

I had to visit the salon twice to obtain it. The first time, a guy before me bought the remaining 3 tubes and it was officially declared “OUT OF STOCK”. 3 tubes at 1 go?!! For his wife and 2 mistresses, is it? SIGH…Ok, fine.

When I returned to buy it the following week, the lady took a look at me and asked, “Wah, got effect hor! You use how many tubes already?” I can feel my heart sinking. I hemmed and hawed and circumvented answering.

Lipocils is for lengthening and the cream is for volumizing

The Product:
Name: Talika LIPOCILS Eyelash Treatment Gel
Size: 4.2 ml or 10ml
Price: SGD $40.95 for the 4.2 ml tube and $59.85 for the 10 ml (currently out of stock)
[bloody expensive]
Origin: France
Place to buy: Any Spa-Lon salon in Singapore:

My Verdict:
Just after 2 weeks, my lashes are really longer and more tiny lashes are growing out! How can I be certain? I took my lower lashes as a gauge. They can be monitored for growth more easily. WOW! So, it’s worth its heart attack inducing price tag? Hm…What price beauty? The problem is: Now, my lengthened lashes are pricking my eyes! YIKES!

P/S I shall make Fridays the day for beauty products entries/ reviews. Cos, apart from many other things, I am fascinated with the science that goes into this billion dollar industry.

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