Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thieves and Sisters in Crime


Watched this movie with Aileen yesterday. It’s a laugh-a-minute type of movie. The kind that veers dangerously on the brink of slapstick humour but it nevertheless had both of us up in stitches. In fact, we were squealing in peals of laughter for the most part of the show that my jaw felt awfully sore from those uncontrollable facial contractions. Ouch! I left the theatre feeling that my abdominal muscles had a good work-out and am 1 step closer to fab abs (yea, dream on)…

Anyway, the antics and storyline are obviously too over-the-top to be realistic. Moreover, it was yet another mapcap mission driven action flick. Yet, the ingenuity of it lies in the ability to turn the banal into amusement for the audience. Needless to say, the ending was just as predictable, with the trio of robbers turning over a new leaf, reconciling with their families and yes, the baby survives to lead a cushy life of a ‘prince’.

I was impressed with Jackie Chan’s stunts. The fight scenes are well choreographed, appropriate for each setting and damn daredevil. That guy truly deserves to be filthy rich, for every one of all the life-endangering moves he executes. No wonder he feels his biological son (Jaycee Chan) can never measure up.

This adorable little tyke, baby Matthew, stole the show just for looking so CUTE! I can heard periodic gushes of “aww…so cute” coming from some corner in the theatre. His eyes can simply melt hearts and render many his willing slaves. Jackie Chan held an audition to find a baby for this movie and no babe (out of the 1000 who turned up) caught his fancy. This kid was approached at a train station. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. He is of Chinese, Russian (on his father's side) and Columbian (on his mother's side) descent. I am sure more commercials deals will come knocking on his door.

It’s interesting to note that dogs, and animals, in general fetch a significantly better price when they are PUREBRED.
Humans, on the other hand, have more value when they are of mixed descent. 杂种人万岁! Oops! Sorry, 混血儿-Nice!

It was a nice day out with Aileen though. I wanted to go and see some Salvador Dali sculptures that were supposed to be on display till 14 October. But they have already taken them back… Sigh…

Profile of Time

Alice in Wonderland

Space Venus

After that, we went for dinner and had affordable ‘Japanese’ fare at the basement of Cineleisure. I told her that since I brought the camera out (originally for the Dali’s sculptures), we might as well take some shots.

Ivy: Oui, let’s take some photos, or else, I would have lugged this around in vain. The Straits Times wrote that the Salvador Dali exhibition is till tomorrow. ARGH!!!
Aileen: Ok.

Snapped a few shots.

Coy Aileen

Ivy with her rice cake
Ivy: You on drugs har? Hand so shaky. Look at my pictures. Like that cannot be surgeon. =( I more steady.
Aileen: Yea, I think so too. That's why I never apply for Medical School.
Ivy: Eww… I looked a bit weird. How come liddat?
Aileen: Seriously, your camera is a pretty good one. If there’s something wrong with the face, I cannot do anything about that.

Ivy: Ok, let’s take 1 goofy shot. More fun.

And so…
We Eat Our Greens!!!

Yep, we are a crazy pair of sistas. Picture perfect shots? No way! Photoshop? No thanks.

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