Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Red eyes Bunny

Woke up with bloodshot eyes this morning. WHAT? I thought it only happens to those with little sleep. If the condition does not improve by tomorrow, I will just have to visit the doctor. Aileen attributes it to my ‘constantly staring at the computer’ lifestyle.
I defiantly told her that LCD screen is the everyday companion of the average working executive, but I don’t see red eyed commuters on the train.

A Whiner’s Poem
My eyes, my eyes
Itchy, red and dry
An albino rabbit I have become
But lots of work there is to be done
You may think the misery is self-inflicted
But please be assured that to slumber I am committed
Good riddance and be gone, you evil bacteria infector
And give me back my set of beautiful sparklers.

Hm…fast entry. In and out of blogger within 5 minutes! Now, this is a personal record.

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