Friday, November 17, 2006

Burning Bushes in Asia

No, the haze is NOT back.

Everyone calls me a loser, but I am still the world's most prominent President. And I make the headlines every other day...

Tongue Out 2

After witnessing the Democrats sweeping into both the House of Representatives and the Senate last week, a politically weakened Mr. President is up and about and off to Hanoi for the Asia Pacific Economic Leaders meeting. But not before he makes a pit-stop to our safe and lovely shores of Sunny Singapore to deliver a keynote speech that will set the tone for his 3 nation trip in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, the Singapore police have given advance notice to motorists to expect road closures in some areas during Mr. Bush's visit. For security reasons, details of the closures will only be disclosed on the actual day over the radio.

*Rolls eyes*
I can’t imagine terrorists feeding on national media’s public messages in order to work out their plans. If so, the fight against terrorism wouldn’t be such an uphill task after all. Oh well…
Still, Singapore is the safest place he can ever be in. Not to mention the warm reception he will be given.
Good to be in the tropics to escape from the iciness back home.

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