Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oh! For Crying Out Loud...

I am writing this post because I am actually waiting for my hair to dry. For all the things I own in the world, I do not have the ubiquitous hairdryer.

I do not know why, but I cannot bring myself to buy one.

I truly believe that letting wet hair dry naturally is the best way to keep tresses silky and pretty. Oh well…

I FINALLY visited Vivocity! Unfortunately, I went there a tad too late and ate dinner at 8.15pm. After which, there was too little time left to walk around and before long, I can hear the dreaded sound of shutters coming down, signaling the end of another business day.
The Christmas carols are playing in the mall and for some reason, I experience a sense of defensive indignation rising in my blood. What?!!! So early? I hate the swift passage of time. Soon another year will slip me by.

In retrospect, I guess it’s about time to play those feel good tunes. Do you know that doing so put people in the festive mood and this increases consumer spending? Yea, devious…

Didn’t pass by Candy Empire (one of the shops I want to check out). They have a spate of bad publicity recently, about the wheelchair unfriendly store policy. Unfortunately, I learnt of its existence precisely because of the news report.

Because of the limited time I have, I didn’t manage to explore the place much.

Parting words to Vivocity as I left: I’ll be BACK!


It’s the Weekend and we all should be entitled to some unadulterated fun and entertainment.
I was reading empty_vessels’ blog and clicked on a particular link. That’s when I chanced upon 2 even more interesting videos.
I am not promoting this upcoming TV show, but it sure does appear intriguing enough to entice both hot blooded males and girly females.

YEP! There’s a new show in town! It’s called “Girls Out Loud” and is hosted by famous SG blogger Wendy Chen (Xiaxue) and Roslyn Lee, DJ of POWER 98FM.

Oui, I hear some not-so-discreet EWwwws coming from some people.
I am also not an avid fan nor a critical basher of Wendy Chen. After all, both Isabelle and I were from the same Secondary School she used to attend. I was of course, the head nerd there. She, on the other hand, was fun! Plus, I really feel her vocabulary (albeit crass sometimes) is more varied than some 25 year olds I have met.

So, yes, give that girl some credit.

It’s after all entertainment. To be in show business, you either have to be gorgeous or interesting enough for audiences to tune in.

Very often, we judge a media production based on the artistes involved in the show. However, it’s always better to critique the program objectively and fairly. Appraise the creative team responsible for conceptualizing the entire series, the stylists and make-up artists who transform the presenters into eyes candy, the editing team for their skill to allow the seamless flow of the show. Often, they are the ones worthy of mention and praise, but audiences simply love or hate the production for its frontline presenters.

After watching the trailer, I decided that I am going to catch it. Watching entertaining but useless shows is a form of relaxation BUT putting other things off for the sake of catching a show is unacceptable. Thank God for MOBTV.

For your curious viewing pleasure, click on the links below:

Wendy and Rosalyn’s “Girls Out Loud” TV Show Trailer

Xiaxue Dating a Male Stripper (in the show)

PS: I am yawning every other second while typing this post. ARGH! Hairdryer for moi Christmas prezzie, anyone? ;-)

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Blogger The Mad One said...

i can't live without my hairdryer since i wash my hair every night. and yes, my hair is fried. *sigh*

3:02 PM  
Blogger =Berry-puff= said...

the wendy show is such a joke. lol

12:42 AM  
Blogger I.V.Y. said...

To Jenn,
Yep, I wash my hair nightly too and instead of your predicament,I end up with dark circles like a panda...

To Min,
Yep, sometimes we need distractions like these for a good laugh. Know your finals are coming. Jia you! Work hard and you will be off to the US of A in a twinkling of an eye. =)

12:58 AM  

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